Plumber 3D release for iPhone & iPad

Basel Switzerland, 1. April 2015 – Plausch Studios present you the funny puzzle game Plumber 3D for iPhone & iPad. Plumber 3D is now available for Android and iPhone!

In Plumber 3D you jump into the role of an apprentice and your target is to support the overwhelmed master plumber. In front of you, you have a wrecked pipe system, which urgently has to be fixed. Now it’s on you to rotate the water pipes to find a solution through the pipe system. This sounds easy, but be wary there will be many different types of pipes and difficulties.

The iPhone / iPad release is not just a simple port to the new platform, rather an optimized version which includes many improvements.

“We have worked very hard to create a port for the game, which will really use the benefits of the iOS platform. So we fully integrated Apple Game Center and Apple iCloud.” said Dominik Zipfel. “Through the development process, we were also able to optimize many game mechanics. We are sure these improvements will make the game even more enjoyable.”

Here only two examples of improvements, which are based on user feedbacks. If you’ve made a mistake, or the time’s run out, the water will now flood the room and put everything underwater. The second example is for all hardcore gamers out there. If you are interested in solveing as many levels in the shortest time possible, you are now able to disable the water animations, and you get your result immediately. (No need to wait, until the water animations are finished!) These are only some examples of the improvements, which we integrated in this release.

The improvements will also be in the Android version, and will come in an update!

Download Plumber 3D now from the App Store and the Google Play store

About Plausch Studios

Plausch Studios is game development company based in Switzerland. It was founded in 2013 with the goal to develop Swiss quality mobile games for phones and tablets. The founder, Dominik Zipfel, is the only developer and Julia Siegenthaler is responsible for the art.

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