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About Plausch

Plausch Studios was founded in 2012 with the goal of making a name for themselves in the swiss and international game industry.

Everything started with a diploma thesis at 2012, in which a game prototype was developed. During work new and creative ideas repeatedly came to mind which had the potential to be developed. The enthusiasm for the game development did not break even after completion of the work and so Dominik decided to found Plausch Studios. This allows us to now gradually realize the ideas and use the creative knowledge to develop great games.

Plausch develops its games primarily for mobile platforms like phones and tablets, we always try to use the full benefits of appropriate device to enable an intuitive gaming experience. The games will be sold through the Google Play as well as the Apple App Store. Take a moment to browse through our range of products on our website or our other platforms. We also regularly publish reports and news about our products and projects.

Key Staff

Dominik Zipfel

Chief Executive Officer & Allrounder

Dominik is the founder of Plausch Studios. He invests all his energy and motivation in his favorite football club and in his company. His principle is, work should be fun.

He is the all-rounder in the company, that means he is involved with the concept, the programming, the music composing and the marketing. Thanks to his ability and ambition he is essential for the company. He motivates his team every day. His experience in team leadership, which he contributes, to help the team to achieve the goals efficiently.

Julia Siegenthaler

Lead Graphic Designer

If Julia is not just shopping or doing sport, she is drawing her creative ideas on paper. As if that were not enough, Julia owns and works in her own cosmetic studio in which she pampers her customers.

With an eye for perfection she captures impressions and draws them down in a unique way. Thanks to her experience as a comic artist she can contribute her knowledge to the projects and let the games appear with an incredible shine. Her vision is to make games graphically appealing and make the gaming experience interesting for the player.

Games by Plausch